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Roosevelt Brewing Company is eastern New Mexico's premier craft brewery and public house. We specialize in hand-crafted ales and wood-fired cuisine, and we are determined to deliver a mouth-watering dining experience.

A Building's Secrets and Charms

Part of a historic building's charm lies within its secrets. Here is the story of one such secret that was uncovered while clearing out the basement here at Roosevelt Brewing Company:

First let's begin with the story of the basement itself. It was dug out sometime after the building had already been built. As a result from an earlier flood, the existing wood panels had to be taken down and moved out in preparation for remodeling and construction for the brewery. As we began basement demolition and removed all of the detritus, a few bottles from the 1930s were unearthed, but then the real gem was discovered:  A giant old movie poster for the movie "Honolulu," starring Elanor Powell (circa 1939).  It had been folded up and stashed behind the wall, nearly destroyed by age and the moisture of the dank environment it was in for 70 some years. Its pieces were assembled carefully, like a puzzle, until we were able to  stand back and look upon it in awe.  Big plans remain for this relic, which has been appropriated by a local artist.


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